Win an iTunes album


  • 100 euros worth of iTunes music to be won
  • Give a good rating to one of the three albums below to win a free iTunes track
  • Give a good review of one of the three albums below and win a free iTunes album

Just email me screenshots proving that you have given the rating or review required, and I’ll take care of the rest.

The offer closes when I have given away 100 euros in iTunes gifts.

Swing 41About Time - Peter Williams

COVER_JAZZY_SHORTS_PEWIL43Click on the image to find the album in iTunes


The ultimate musicians gear bag

If you’ve been looking for a bag that will help you lug around all those small bits of gear that you sometimes need at gigs, and all the bits and bobs that you need every-time, and will help you keep them organised and safe, then the Access PFX1 is for you.

I spotted this bag a few years ago, but due to import taxes and postage I held off purchasing until I’d tried out most of the alternatives. The problem is that this side of the Atlantic there are precious few possibilities. I had to get creative and try rucksacks, camera bags, producer back packs etc. The PFX1 is pretty much the only one that seemed to be designed with me in mind.

I managed to get all of this:

Musicians Gear Bag Challenge.jpg

and more, into this:

Access PFX1.jpg

If you know of a better bag, please let me know!

Here is a video demonstrating this fantastic piece of kit:

Access PFX1

The Perfect Metronome App

If you type metronome into google play, or search for metronome in apple’s App Store, you will be swamped with results, most of them free, I expect most of them will be reliable enough now that we are no longer in the dawn of the age of the hand held computer.

If all you want is something to go click, or ping or tick tok tok tick tok tok, keep a steady tempo, and not crash every five minutes, then pick which ever one takes your fancy.

If, however, like me, you want a tool that will help you with:

  • Developing your internal sense of time
  • digesting various types of swing
  • comprehension of subdivisions
  • syncopation
  • developing speed

then this is the metronome for you:

Dr Betotte

This, amongst other things, allows:

  • Custom time signatures and subdivision accents
  • Swing settings
  • Quiet setting (volume drops down at set intervals)
  • Step up and step down variations in tempo

It’s the only metronome I know that can do this.

Bop Soup Featuring Bert Boeren

I am so looking forward to these gigs that I have been planning for over a year now. Getting good musicians and venues diaries to match up simply takes more effort than you could imagine.

We have the finest of Copenhagen musicians: Mikkel Find (drums), Marko Martinovic (Piano) and Simon Thorsen (Tenor Sax). I will be on Bass, and the goal of the whole project is to get the amazingly talented and versatile Bert Boeren, from the Netherlands, to come and play trombone for us.

The gigs are:

10th April – 21:00 Paradise Jazz – Huset

11th April – 22:30 Christianias Jazzklub – Børneteateret

12th April – 21:00 Blågaards Apotek – Blågaards Plads

13th April – 15:00 Sofie’s Jazzklub – Sofiekælderen

Please be there!!!